Vacation alert; and, my further adventures in cycling

So today it wasn’t a bee sting, but I did get lost. The Hobgoblin and I set out for a 50 mile ride, and my ride ended up being 56.5 miles and his 53. I took off first, expecting him to catch up with me, which he would have if we hadn’t encountered construction and a badly-marked detour. Chaos ensued. We never found each other until I arrived at home, although I did stop at a farm market to call home (yes, yes, I should carry a cell phone, I know…and carrying an ID and my health insurance card is a good idea too, yes, I agree…) and leave a message. It took me a half hour to find my way back to the correct route; the Hobgoblin, with his better sense of direction, was much quicker.

We’re off to North Carolina for a long weekend tomorrow; I’ll be back on Monday. We plan to … well, ride our bikes, read books, and go on hikes. The same things, it seems, just in a new place. But it’s nice to be in a new place, isn’t it?

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