My Don Quixote reading schedule

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My thought for the Tilting at Windmills blog was that people would choose their own reading schedules to finish the book whenever works best for them, but I also thought I’d share my own plans, and perhaps participants can post theirs in the comments or in a separate post.  Or not — we’re all about flexibility here.  But for me, setting a goal and making it public works pretty well.  It’s worked very well for my Proust reading — I’m still reading about 50 pages of Proust a week and I have been since last July.  I suppose I’m nothing if not methodical.

So I thought 50 pages a week of Don Quixote would work well too; with my edition (the Edith Grossman one) of about 950 pages of text and my plan to begin reading around May 1st, that would take me up into the first week in September.  For long novels that pace works well for me because it gives me plenty of time for other books so I don’t get to feeling bogged down, and it keeps me immersed enough in the book to stay interested and to feel I’m making steady progress.

So — feel free to post whenever you like and on whatever you like, as long as it’s at least loosely DQ-related, and let’s have fun!


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6 responses to “My Don Quixote reading schedule

  1. I think I will follow your lead. I contemplated doing what I did for W&P–just setting everything aside and reading DQ non-stop. I think I like the methodical approach of 50 pages a week better (at least to start). I know I will want to read other books at the same time. Thanks for organizing this Dorothy!


  2. I’m planning to get the Edith Grossman copy too so I’m also going to try and follow your lead. I need to go get my copy now!


  3. LK

    I am with you and Danielle. I got the Grossman copy — between this and Proust, I will be up to my kitten’s whiskers in amazing classic prose!


  4. 50 pages a week sounds about right for Don Quixote. Please stop tempting me! (I know, your secret plan is to keep tempting me, isn’t it?) Wait till I start reading everyone’s posts. I’m afraid I’m a “goner.”


  5. No problem Danielle! You know, I may change my reading method at some point during the summer — I may get the urge to concentrate on DQ exclusively for a while. But in the meantime, 50 pages a week will give me lots of options.

    Iliana — that sounds good! By the way, let me know when you get a WordPress account, and I’ll add you to the blog.

    LK — that’s right — we’ll both be enjoying Proust and Cervantes!

    Emily, you know you want to 🙂


  6. 50 pages a week sounds like a very good idea. Not too much, not too little. I’ll certainly aim for that myself!


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